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Huellas checas en Argentina | Exhibition

La exposición de fotografías Huellas Checas en Argentina es una colección de retratos de descendientes checos en el entorno de su comunidad. El fotógrafo Vojtěch Vlk la realizó en los años 2012 y 2013 en Argentina donde vivió temporalmente acompañando a su esposa Vendula V. Hingarova, profesora de idioma checo asignada a las comunidades checas en Buenos Aires, Rosario y Santa Fe.



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Ganador Premio Planeta 2014

Milena o el femur mas bello del mundo

Jorge Zepeda Patterson / Mexico

La belleza de Milena también fue su perdición. Convertida en esclava sexual desde la adolescencia, intenta huir cuando muere su protector, un magnate de la comunicación que sufre un fallo cardiaco mientras hace el amor con ella. En su angustiosa fuga, se cruza con los Azules, un…


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Festival de Cultura Argentina

The festival includes the photography exhibition Czech Footprints in Argentina dedicated to the descendants of Czechoslovakian immigrants that reside in my country. Literature enthusiasts can enjoy the Cultural Café, a space where the works of Julio Cortázar and Adolfo Bioy Casares will be read in celebration of the centennial of their births this…


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Visiones by Rosana Azar (Argentina) | Exhibition

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rosana Azar studied art with well known Argentinian artists. While living there, she had a successful career, exhibiting widely around the country.

She moved to the Washington, DC area in 1990. Azar quickly established herself in the United States by showing at the Florida Museum of Hispanic Art and the Inter- American Development Bank in Washington, DC. Since…


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Semana Cultural de la Hispanidad

The "Week of Hispanic Culture" celebrates 5 years and once again offer a lot of attractions. Kick off 3. October opening exhibition of visual poetry of the Peruvian painter living in England, Janet McLellandové. Five days later, begin at the Pilsen exhibition of the painter of the jungle Otto Sail paradise lost. His paintings are strongly influenced by the artistic expression of the natives and exotic Amazonian environment.…


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El otoño latinoamericano 2014

The Latin American Autumn 2014 approaches, color and flavor filling every corner of Hamburg. We hope concerts, exhibitions of artistic, literary workshops, Latin American cinema, food tasting, and lectures on current political and economic issues. Not to be missed! Museum fur Volkerkunde Hamburg. More info …


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El Asador | Argentinian cuisine

Our Argentinean Restaurant offers some of the best steaks in Prague, alongside a selection of original Argentinean specialties. During lunch hours we serve “Parrillada” for only 199 CZK. Sunday Brunch is also a very popular concept.  The atmosphere is underlined by the stylish interior and a South American music production. A visit to EL ASADOR will surely please every gourmet. El Asador. Argentinian…


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Coleccion de asombros by Isidro Ferrer (Spain) | Exhibition

The exhibition "amazement Collection" brings together a selection of the mostoutstanding works of Isidro Ferrer (Madrid, 1963), considered one of the mostprominent and current Spanish international illustrators and designers. Ferrer received the National Design Award in 2002 and the National Award for Illustration in 2006 The show is part of the official program of "sixteenth Designblok Design…


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Margarita Garcia (Colombia) | Premio Casa de las Americas 2014

Se trata de un manuscrito consistente y unitario, de sólida arquitectura narrativa, que prioriza la insinuación por sobre lo explícito. En siete relatos de mediana extensión y con impecable manejo del oficio, la autora da cuenta de las ambiciones, los empeños y los fracasos de personajes tan complejos como perdurables. La familia desmoronada y el quiebre de los vínculos afectivos son abordados…


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To the land without sin (Argentina) | Exhibition

The Argentine Embassy of Prague and The Latin Art Gallery, cordially invites you to the opening of: "To the Land Without Sin", an exhibition show-casting four Argentinian artists: Neumann - Gularte - Ruiz Diaz - Soria Muriel. The opening will also present a journey into Argentinian culture via art, music and cuisine for those in attendance.

To the land without sin (Argentina). Until Oct. 8th. 2014. Latin…


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Sabor Colombiano

Sabor Colombiano
Colombian cuisine

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Carlos Carmonamedina (Mexico) in Plzen

During August you can visit the interesting workshops of the Mexican artist and Illustrator Carlos Carmonamedina. He is in Pilsen for a two month internship within the programme of the European capital city of culture. His way of expression, however, is not drawing, nor painting nor other traditional plastic techniques. Carlos Carmonamedina, with people cooks! The first Sunday in August he…


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Empanadas Argentinas

Empanadas Argentinas
Argentinian Pastry
Vratislavova 21, Praha 2

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Ausencias | Exhibition


Until February 4th.

Instituto Cervantes, Praha 2

"Ausencias" is an…


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Havana Vieja Club

Havana Vieja Club

The newest Salsa venue in town.

Vinohradska 25, Praha 2.

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Fierro Grill - Express Argentinian Steak

Fierro Grill

Express Argentinian Steak

Rumunska 34, Praha 2

Express Argentinian Steak, wine and empanadas. South American specialties. More info …


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From 3.9 to 8.9 : Ballet Folclorico de Queretaro (Mexico)

In response to the need to save, support and expand the traditional dances the Mexican state of Querétaro was this set in June 2010. In the fall of that year he performed publicly for the…


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From 3.9 to 8.9 : Sol Larense y su Gente (Venezuela)

Music and dance group Sol Larense y Su Gente was founded in August 1998 by a number of course participants dance Tamunangue to perform songs and dances of the state of Lara. Since then, the…


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From 28.8 to 1.9 : Grupo folclorico Zabele (Brazil)

The folklore group "Zabele" has as aim to develop in students the appreciation of popular culture and show the people the songs and dances of Brazilian folklore, especially in Minas General. Participating children, teenagers and music teachers. Coordinated by musician Maria Lucia Oliveira Macedo, the Group Zabelê conducts a research and preservation of our culture, expanding aesthetic experience and transcending the…


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Until 29.9 Protagonista: Art of everyday life in Latin America

The exhibition shows paintings of Peruvian artist Barbara Ilse Petzold Horna. Shown is the life situation of people in Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru - countries is where cacao has been cultivated for thousands of years. The Protagonist project is the result of an intense, autobiographical fathoming the socio-cultural reality of Latin America. Means of painting are highlighted…


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