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Until 28.6 Colores de Mexico | Exhibition

Since she relocated to the Czech Republic in 2010, she has devoted all her time and efforts to painting, feeling deepest urge to express herself by means of canvas and paints, to manifest her Mexican roots and the way she sees the world.

In the beginning, she endeavoured to show the curious European eyes the things from Mexican daily life that she was missing and longed for, like gastronomy, folklore, and…


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Until 25.4 Latin American Art Biennial | Exhibition

The Third Biennial of Latin American Art is an opportunity to see the work of artists, filmmakers and writers from eight Latin American countries with diplomatic representation in Prague: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Biennial program includes an exhibition, lectures…


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Until 2.6 Fiktionen by Roberto Matta (Chile) | Exhibition

Matta (1911-2002) is one of the most important painters of the 20th Century, his work is represented in museums worldwide. The artist was born in Chile in close contact with surrealists such as Dali, André Breton and Marcel Duchamp, with whom he exhibited since 1938. Trained as an architect, Matta developed in the Paris studio of Le Corbusier's idea of the…


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Until 2.6 The Maya-Code | Exhibition

Join us on the trail of Central America's Maya, who built incredible palaces, pyramids and ball courts between the 3rd and 10th century in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. The exhibition explains the complicated calendar, provides insight into the unique hieroglyphic script using interactive games and presents the world of Maya nobility through precious objects. Objects are being…


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Until 14.4 Last Resort Mexico | Exhibition

Based on 25 selected biographies of the exhibition tells of the rescue of the Mexican diplomat Gilberto Bosques, the life of the Berlin exiles in distant Mexico and of their return to the ruins of postwar Germany. As consul in Marseille Bosques supplied from 1940 to 1942 under dramatic circumstances, numerous German and Austrian refugees who were stranded by the advance of…


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My name is Julio DC, I’m original form the Andes of Bolivia, however my family is from Arequipa, Peru

I grow up in Lima at the age of 18 I moved to La Paz. I’m an Architect.

I went to Czech Republic in two occasions I love the City of Prague. One day I would love to move there. So question? what is the situation of South Americans there? It’s difficult country to live? Are Peruvian and Bolivians living there? What do you do?



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Until 3.2 Los Carpinteros (Cuba) | Exhibition

The Cuban art group Los Carpinteros (the carpenters) combines virtuoso drawings and large-scale sculptures and applied art in an intelligent and humorous manner to visual allegories of the present. Artisanal production processes and the preferred use of wood in the 1990s led to the name of the first as a…


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Until 22.2 : Contemporary Latin American Art | Exhibition

12 artists from eight countries will present their paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures.  Mary Liz Aquino - Paraguay / Fredy Blanco Chavez - Bolivia / Martha de Commer - Peru / Lezzueck Asturias Coosemans - Guatemala / Dross Dot - Guatemala / Sissi Gutiez - Argentina / Cecilia Herrero Laffin -…


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Until 20.1 : Legends of the Maya in today's El Salvador | Exhibition

Juan Ramón Munes processed in his paintings through colors and symbols, the cultural heritage of the Maya, the oral traditions and legends of the Salvadoran coffee picker.

Fourteen of his, resulting in mixed technique of collage and painting work, we present, in collaboration with the Embassy of El Salvador…


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Until 6.01.2013 Alberto Vojtěch Frič (Paraguay) : Photographs

Frič’s name has been associated with courage and adventure. A. V. Frič (1882 Prague—1944 Prague) gained recognition as an explorer of South America, a botanist, ethnographer, writer, journalist, a vigorous polemist — and a photographer. The preserved photographic archive abounds in pictures of exotic products of…


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Los Rumberos Trio (Cuba, Peru, Czech Rep.) | New CD 2012

This month is based at the prestigious publishing house of Czech Radio, Radioservisu, new international salsové CD, whose author is a leading Czech specialist in afro-Cuban music, multi-composer, musician, arranger and bandleader Peter Dustpan with one of its formations LOS RUMBEROS. Basically it…


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Edith de Sousa Cacho (Venezuela) | Exhibition until 15.9

Latin Art Gallery and Dallmayr Kaffee invite you to the exhibition "Mosaics and Fabrics" by Venezuelan artist Edith de Sousa Cacho. More info in…


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Mexicanidad | Exhibition until 16.9

With about 300 important works by outstanding representatives of twentieth-century Mexican art, the Kunsthalle Würth sheds light on the phenomenon of "Mexicanidad", that specifically Mexican mentality, difficult to define and continually self-questioning, shaped by the checkered history of this young and hybrid nation.

More info in:…


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Danza a todo color | Exhibition until 30.6

Exhibition by Mexican artist Laurelena Rodriguez in Taqueria "El Paisa", Vratislavova 21, Praha 2. More information in…


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La cocina española

La cocina española es una de las más antiguas de Europa y cuenta con una gran variedad de técnicas culinarias e ingredientes. Hoy es alabada como una de las más sabrosas y saludables del mundo, fruto de la tradición y de las técnicas más innovadoras. La revolución culinaria abanderada por maestros como…


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Series of Spanish documentary films | Until 7.6

The Embassy of Spain in collaboration with the IC Prague presents a selection of the most important Spanish documentaries in recent years. The first screening will be followed by a panel made up of different Czech filmmakers and critics, thus opening a space for discussion.

Where: From 17.5 till 7.6 in Instituto Cervantes, Praha 1.

More info :…


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New track "Los Llaveros" (2012)

New track "Los Llaveros" (2012) by Kiki Pro & Dj Pedro Rodriguez. Lyrics by Orion & Čistychov. New album coming soon. More info at…


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South America by Petr Koutecky | Exhibition until 2.4

Photo exhibition "South America" by Petr Koutecký in FOYER PALÁC AKROPOLIS from 1. 3. 2012 to 2. 4. 2012. Exhibition trustee: Vlasta Rydlová

More information in…


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Latin American Art in the Czech | Exhibition until 30.3

Latin American Art in Czech is an exhibition of 14 Venezuelan artist and 3 invited artists: Evy Pineda (Honduras), Laurelena Rodríguez (México) and Adriana Contreras (Venezuela).

Exposición de "Arte Latinoamericano en Chequia" con 14 artistas Venezolanos y como artistas  invitadas Evy Pineda…


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Reynier Lazcano (Cuba) | Exhibition until 8.4

Exhibition by Cuban artist Reynier Lazcano (Cuba) in Julio Cortazar Gallery at La Casa Blu, Praha 1. Until April 8th., 2012. More information in…


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