Salsa Instructors


Angelo Repilado

Angelo is a descendant of the music giant, Francisco Repilado, known as Compay Segundo, who proved his hits such as Chan Chan dance to the whole world from Havana to Paris with Buena Vista Social Club. If you visit his courses you will "taste" salsa in authentic form. More info here

Doris Martinez

Doris is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has performed at various festivals such as Cubamemucho in Munich and others in Nottingham, Miami, Italy, Budapest, Brazil, Spain, Stuttgart, Slovak Republic and Prague. Since 2009 he lives in Prague, where she founded her own dance school. More info here

Latino Dance Strakonice

We focus on Cuban salsa, Dominican bachata and Brazilian zouk. Join us!

More info in Latino Dance Strakonice in Facebook here

Marcel Jurec

Marcel grew up under the guidance of the great majority of Prague dancers and instructors. The fifth year alone already own his courses. More info here

Rubén Ordoñez - 2 Dance Salsa

Salsa lessons for individuals and couples with elements of Cuban rumba, mambo and reggaeton with the excellent Cuban dancer Rubén Ordoñez. More info in 2 Dance Salsa in Facebook here

Ruben Peguero

Ruben Peguero is a dancer,choreographer and producer of Latin American cultural dance programs in the Czech Republic is one of the most experienced instructors of Salsa. In addition to the original Latin dances has extensive experience with modern and traditional African dance. More info here

Salsa 4 Water

We will teach you 3 styles of Latin dances: Cuban Salsa, Bachata and Zouk. Salsa4water is a student-run volunteer project that started in UK and teaches dancing in Prague in order to raise money for charity called WaterAid.

More information in Dance 4Water Prague here

Salsa Cubana con Leon

Leon Bembo started to teach Salsa in Prague 12 years ago under the direction of Cuban teacher Mandy Valdes. He has created many choreographies for many social events such as CT 2 New Year's Eve and MISS CR. More info here

Tereza Kaucká 

Tereza has been dancing since she was 4 years old. For the past 12 years she has been teaching mainly Cuban salsa and other Cuban and Latin American dances (merengue, bachata, reggaeton, rumba, samba, etc.) More info at

Veronika Husinecká 

Veronika teaches since 2006 courses on salsa, bachata and samba in Pisek, Ceske Budejovice, Strakonice and Prague. She organizes dance workshops and tours in the Czech Republic and abroad in Croatia and Cuba. More info here


Honza Dvořak

Honza is master SK and vice-champion in salsa. In 2004 he founded the school Bohemian Salseros, where he works as a trainer, manager and choreographer. Together with fellow dancers is dedicated to not only teaching salsa and other club dances, but also the creation of joint dance show, a group which performs at competitions, exhibitions and private functions. More info here

Salsa s Jesusem a Adelou

Jesus teaches LA Salsa with his partner Adela Janusova in Ceske Budejovice. They are a young couple who enjoys dancing salsa for 3 years. More info here

Marian Grocký

Marian's style is characterized by precise technique lead and creative dance with regard to the multilayered structure of salsa. He joins NY style with traditional roots of Afro-Cuban folklore and modern influences (modern, jazz). In his spare time, he also covers the following dances: bachata, son, chacha, rumba cubana, zouk and kizomba. More info here

Salsa by Monica

Salsa on2 lover, dancer, teacher and choreographer. Czech Salsa Champion. Salsa lessons, animations, shows. 

More information in Facebook here

Salsa Mania

Salsa Mania with Natalia Melnikova. More info here

Veronika Preislerová

Veronika is dancing Salsa for 10 years. She has participated as an instructor and performer on international Salsa congresses and festivals. She lived and worked dancing a total of 5 years in Spain. Teaches pair Salsa Linea, On2 Mambo, Cha-cha, Rueda and her specialty is Ladies Styling in salsa into which includes elements of R & B, Cuban rumba and Afro. More info here


Anibal Brito "Gari"

Anibal has been dedicated to dance 29 years. As a teenager, danced to the television dance competition in the Dominican Republic has been a member of several dance groups, devoted to dance and break dance styles and electro-boogie. More info at

Pavel Simek

Pavel teaches Bachata for beginners, improvers and advanced. For info contact him here

Bachata Kurzy Prague

Bachata for beginners and advanced beginners with Martin and Tanya. More info in facebook here


Jamba M.

Jamba performs as animator, dancer and instructor of Kizomba, Salsa and Kuduro. He has been dedicated over eight years to Afro-latino dances. He is part of the dance group Tradicion founder of Jamba is a student of undergraduate studies at Prague College, majoring in interactive media. More info here

Jacinto Teca

Jacinto Teca was born and raised in Angola, he went to Padrão do Semba Dance School learning his education in the field of Semba/Kizomba Dance. After some time being a student he found his way into teaching Semba/Kizomba at Padrão do Semba Dance School from 2008-2010. Teca later moved to Prague, Czech Republic. More info here

Vitor Mendes

Since September 2012, all interested to attend regular classes of Kizomba in Prague under the guidance of an experienced instructor, dancer and choreographer Vitor Mendes (Cape Verde / Portugal). Those interested can also attend the private lessons for both individuals and couples. At international events and festivals Vitor currently accompanied by dance partner Rita Szabo of Budapest. More info here


Dee Reggaetonera

Dee Reggaetonera is a dancer, choreographer and teacher of salsa, reggaeton, samba and afro-contemporáneo. She has dance with Cuban stars such as Maykel Fonts, Roly Maden and Diana Rodríguez. Dee was choreographer and dancer for the tours of famous Cuban artists El médico, Los Van Van, Los 4, El Micha and Gente de Zona. More information with Dee Reggaetonera in Facebook here

Mirna Pavlovic

Working in various dance groupes – D-Team Czech Republic, Sweet Sugars, Aisha, La Clave de Osha by Doris Martinez. Dance teacher of various dance stiles – classic and modern afro, Latin American dances, oriental dances, Caribbean, Brazilian and Cuban dances. Work for famous dance schools in Croatia (Diva, Buena Vista) as a dance teacher and head of the dance group. More info in Studio Baila here

Mony Ka

New this year, Cuban Flow! Dance lessons favorite genres of music and dance table. You know the basics of reggaeton, salsa and afro that alternated on the clock and interconnect. Lessons will transmit their experience, insight on the perception of music, rhythm and I will try to find every what dance he sits and feels natural. 

More info in 

Nikola Slavíková

Experience with the top trainers Latino styles, regular visits to international festivals and workshops in Berlin, Athens, Croatia, Barcelona, London and elsewhere. Besides these activities working closely with Cuban dancer, choreographer and musician Rafael del Busto and dance school Salsa dancing since the age of 14. Then moved to other Latin-American styles - Reggaeton, Afro, Kizomba, Zouk, etc. More info in Dance Perfect here

Sylvia Čáderová

Sylvia was born in Bratislava, and dances since childhood, when she gained the basics of classical and folk dances. In Prague in the year 2012 she collaborated with dance group Tradicion, where she worked as a Manager, choreographer, dancer and teacher. Dance experience gained also on the international dance congresses – eg. in Rome, Paris, Milan, Monacu, Munich, Budapest. Under her guidance you can learn Reggaeton, Salsa for women and couples, Carnival Samba and Latino mix for women. More info in Latino Kurzy here

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