Exhibitions In Czech Republic

Osmosis | Arte guatemalteco contemporáneo

El Proyecto “Osmosis” fue concebido para investigar, explorar y finalmente compartir la experiencia de la influencia cultural en el artista, así como en sus obras. En este experimento, el paso más importante fue la selección de dos artistas que verdaderamente han vivido dos culturas distintas y han asimilado una cultura en la que no nacieron. Inauguración el 16 de Mayo desde las 20H.

Del 16 al 30 de Mayo en Latin Art Gallery en Praga. Más información con Latin Art Gallery en Facebook aquí

Sergio Villarreal Uribe | Mexican art exhibition

Sergio Villarreal Uribe is engaged in various topics in his work, ranging from memories of childhood to the rendation of the female body to abstract expression. The way of working and colouring follows the traditions of the Mexican mural painting, which was handed to him by master José Luis Cuevas, in whose atelier he graduated. His work is located in significant collections in the United States of America, Cuba, the Domini-Kian Republic, Malaysia and Mexico.

Until May 30th in Galerie Evropského Domu, Plzeň. More information with Studijní a vědecká knihovna Plzeňského kraje in Facebook here

Bez Jasného Směru

Group exhibition of the Atelier of research and graphic production Carlos Olachea from the Faculty of Arts in Mexico City (UNAM).

From May 15th until June 7th in Galerie HYB4, Prague. More information with Eduardo Lara Álvarez Tostado and Víctor Hugo Ríos Olmos in Facebook here

Un paseo por la escena

En el marco de la participación de España en la Cuatrienal de Praga se presenta esta exposición con las más recientes e innovadoras propuestas de escenografía, vestuario e iluminación en la escena española.

Del 6 al 16 de Junio en el Instituto Cervantes de Praga. Más información en la página web del Instituto aquí

Carnations and Velvet | Art and Revolution in Portugal and Czechoslovakia

Surprising similarities, parallels and paradoxes of epoch-making events in Portugal and Czechoslovakia. Borders of a democratic continent, as well as borders of an epoch – Carnation and Velvet Revolutions as the first and last of the “third wave” of world revolutions and their reflection in visual arts.

Until September 29th in the Municipal Library of Prague. More information in the Municipal Gallery of Prague website here


Geometry and Abstraction

We will be happy to show you our new exhibition of Geometric and Abstractionism. VASARELY - lithography. MIRÓ - lithography. DEMERCI - Spanish shower. ŠNAJDER - pastel. KUČERA - serigraphy. KUPKA - lithography. ITRIAGO -painting. SÁNCHEZ - digital printing. CONTRERAS - painting. PRISTOWSCHEG -digital printing. SANSEVIERO - statue.

Until April 30th in Latin Art Gallery, Prague. More information with Latin Art Gallery in Facebook here

Miguel EN Cervantes. El retablo de las maravillas.

Esta exposición, que busca acercar el personaje de Miguel de Cervantes a los lectores contemporáneos a través de la imagen. Dos de los más destacados dibujantes e historietistas españoles, David Rubín y Miguelanxo Prado, son los encargados de generar, a través de dos lenguajes gráficos y narrativos diferentes, un potente diálogo entre el cómic y la ilustración, entre "El retablo de las maravillas" y las escenas más apasionantes de la vida de Cervantes.

Hasta el 26 de Abril en la Biblioteca de la Región de Pilsen. Más informarmación en la página web del Instituto Cervantes de Praga aquí

León Felipe ¿Quién soy yo?

Para conmemorar el 50 Aniversario del fallecimiento de León Felipe se muestran una selección de piezas y materiales relacionados no sólo con su figura e impacto en el ámbito literario, sino también con el contexto histórico que le tocó vivir.

Hasta el 3 de abril en el Instituto Cervantes de Praga. Más información en la página web del instituto aquí

Figurativní Expresionismus | Vladimir Barrios

In his first exhibition Vladimir Barrios captivated us with a dark expression of distorted shapes of faces with strokes of spontaneous demarcation. In his second exhibition “Varios Barrios” his artwork was marked with strong colors, bilingual language and deep looks. In the series called "Human Beings" he shows his latest progress in abstract impressionism.

From March 12th till 21st in Latin Art Gallery, Prague. More information with Latin Art Gallery in Facebook here here

Mexické rytiny

The exhibition "Zabydlené sny" is a collection of prints showing how masterfully the author controls the graphic technique. Every work gives respect to memory, and at the same time its author offers us a utopian experience, emerging from things of everyday asking for the homely dream to become reality on this earth, which should belong to all.

Until February 6th in Latin Art Gallery, Prague. More information with Latin Art Gallery in Facebook here

Día de muertos entre los Mayas

The Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations in Mexico; however, in the Yucatan Peninsula, this tradition has a special twist. The Mayans of the area call it 'Hanal Pixan', which in Spanish means 'food of souls'. The tradition begins on October 26 and extends until November 1, celebrated throughout the peninsula.

Until February 12th in Instituto Cervantes de Praga. More information in the Instituto Cervantes de Praga website here

Picasso: passion and guilt

The exhibition presents an extensive graphic series La Suite Vollard from the collections of the prestigious Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid. Picasso's work, as he admits himself, is a diary that reflects his life story. La Suite Vollard talks about the tumultuous period of splitting with his first wife, Russian ballet dancer Olga Kokhlova, and a passionate relationship with the young Marie Therese Walter, although this definition is very simplistic.

Until January 15th in Museum Kampa, Prague. More information with Museum Kampa in Facebook here


The popular theme is returned to Náprstkovo Museum. It is preparing for a complete reconstruction so that visitors can enjoy the new permanent exhibitions. In the meantime, the National Museum has organized temporary exhibitions for visitors, which feature interesting themes and objects from his rich collections.

Until January 6th in Náprstkovo Muzeum, Prague. More information in Narodní Muzeum website here

Don Quijote en la obra de Karel Soucek

Karel Souček comenzó a trabajar sobre Don Quijote en 1937 y no abandonó este tema durante su larga carrera artística. La muestra, comisariada por el especialista Pavel Štěpánek reúne pinturas, esculturas, dibujos y fotografías de la colección familiar, representativas de la fascinación que esta figura universal ejerció sobre el artista checo.

Hasta el 24 de Octubre en el Instituto Cervantes de Praga. Más información en el Instituto Cervantes de Praga aquí

Un puente a través del arte

The International Way of Honduran Painting. Every professional artist, particularly in the 21st century, feels the need to find new spaces for dialogue, recognition and exchange. That is why Julio Visquerra, Omar Sanchez, Ruben Salgado and Orlando Roque decided to extend the itinerary with the support of "TovArt Art Consultant" and present their paintings in two new cultural centers in Europe, Berlin and Prague.

Until October 4th in Latin Art Gallery, Czech Republic. More information with Latin Art Gallery in Facebook here

Santiago Calatrava: Art and Architecture

The architect, sculptor and painter, Santiago Calatrava, will introduce himself in Prague by both his free art and his architectural models. One of his enigmatic works is the New York World Trade Center terminal in the form of massive looming wings, completed in 2016. Calatrava was awarded the Auguste Peret Prize for architecture by the International Union of Architects (1987), golden medal by the American Institute of Architects (2005), and the 2005 European Prize for Architecture. Among other places, he exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Until September 16th in Prague City Gallery, Czech Republic. More information in Prague City Gallery website here

Arquitecturas pintadas

Exposición colectiva que muestra obras de diecisiete artistas españoles, seleccionados por los comisarios Juan Cuéllar y Roberto Mollá. El hilo conductor es la representación de la arquitectura. Los arquitectos pintan y los pintores construyen.

Untill September 8th in Instituto Cervantes, Prague. More information in Instituto Cervantes here

Barvy Kuby

Photographer Elena Gorbunová and her exhibition of photos from her journey to Cuba.

Until August 19th in Café Lucerna, Prague. More information with exoticDancentre in Facebook here and in the press note (in Czech) here

Výstava Ruteros z Kolumbie

RUTEROS is a showcase of works created by 13 artists from the studio "Estudios Faenza" especially for an exhibition at the Latin Art Gallery in Prague. In six months, artists did work that together make up "RUTEROS". This word originally refers to the tables used in city buses in Bogota as a visual guide for travelers to identify the route (the Spanish route "route") that the bus has driven to the destination. With the idea of their journey to get to Prague, the artists named the exhibition on tables that will pass through them to a large part of Europe until they reach the final destination in Prague.

Untill August 2nd in Latin Art Gallery in Prague. More information with Latin Art Gallery in Facebook here

Tehdy tu byla džungle aneb baťovská kolonizace v Brazílii

Příznačný název nové muzejní výstavy Tehdy tu byla džungle aneb Baťovská kolonizace v Brazílii vtáhne návštěvníky prostřednictvím 16 výstavních panelů a 2 vitrín do období po roce 1940, kdy Jan Antonín Baťa odjel do Brazílie, aby zde realizoval plán industrializace a kolonizace některých území.

Do 10.ého června v Muzeu jihovýchodní Moravy ve Zlíně. Více informace na internetové stránky Baťůva institutu zde

Las formas del Alma

Catorce artistas españoles interesados en la espiritualidad abordan el concepto de alma, permitiendo que las emociones desborden el entendimiento; dejando al visitante que se abandone a las evocaciones, visiones y simbolismos que las piezas le sugieran. La exposición parte de la muestra: «El Bosque Interior (las formas del alma)» planteada como conversación colectiva y atemporal con Teresa de Ávila que pudo verse en la Sala Juana Francés del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza y en la Sede del Instituto Cervantes.

Until May 26th in Instituto Cervantes de Praga, Czech Republic. More info in Instituto Cervantes de Praga here

Waorani – mizející svět amazonských domorodců

Poslední lovci odcházejí, jejich svět mizí. Ropné společnosti už jim z jejich domova nenechaly skoro nic… Výprava za domorodci kmene Waorani do amazonské džungle v Ekvádoru.

Od 11ého do 27ého dubna v kulturním institutu Alternativa ve Zlíně. Více informace na webovce Neznamá Země zde

Guatemala from within

Guatemala, the country that was once the core of the Mayan civilization, remains culturally rich and proud of its ethnic history filled by traces of the customs and traditions that reflect strong Mayan and Spanish influences. That is why through the exhibition "Guatemala from within" these Guatemalan artists come together to make their works known, which reflect from their perception, how they see their country, taking different facets of Guatemala.

From March 22nd till April 6th in Latin Art Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic. More information with Latin Art Gallery in Facebook here

Alfadialectos del tiempo de Cosme Rada (México)

Existen ciertos patrones, tipos de frecuencias que a su vez se vuelven un lenguaje, signos de intercomunicación entre lo tangible e intangible; funcionan como canal de información involucrando elementos de forma óptima, dichos patrones llegan a surgir ante ciertos fenómenos físicos, o bien, por influjo del tiempo,
especialmente cuando alguna fuerza o cúmulo de energía incide sobre dichos elementos de manera constante, creando entre ellos una conexión que obedece a formas estructuralmente geométricas y originalmente naturales, haciendolas coincidir en un orden armónico.

Until January 7th in Latin Art Gallery in Prague. More info in Latin Art Gallery in Facebook here

Divino, humano y bestial

En el lúdico ensayo de la bestia. Existe en la humanidad una inquietud milenaria por lo primitivo que sus siglos de civilización no ha podido aplacar o mucho menos extinguir. Un instinto genético que nos lleva por un camino de intensión primaria donde la voluntad se libera de sus propios paradigmas. “…el hombre se cansa de ser civilizado e inevitablemente vuelve a la barbarie” nos dice la escritora siria Ikram Antaki.

Until November 30th in Latin Art Gallery in Prague. More info in Latin Art Gallery here

Heroes by Jacobo Blandón (Colombia)

The courage to face life is one of the most obvious characteristics for a hero, because he could not call himself a hero if he were afraid or not at all. The hero always has the courage to face the problems of life and of his own destiny. "

From September 14th until 30th in Latin Art Gallery, Prague. More information in Facebook here

Wendy Morillo Alvarez

A young artist from the Dominican Republic opened an exhibition of paintings at the New Ground Karlín Center. She spent most of her life in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, from where all the motifs are made. The exhibition runs until August 21, 2017 and individual works can be purchased. 

Until August 21st in Nová Puda Gallery, Prague. More information in České Galerie here

Jarní Kolekce

We would like to invite to celebrate the spring coming to our gallery and enjoying the exhibition Spring Collection from Katerina Bohac . You are welcome to start the collection of the art works from this Czech - Venezuelan artist. Made in Prague. Sales Exhibition. We are looking forward for your visit.

Until April 29th in Latin Art Gallery, Prague. More information in Latin Art Gallery here


Eduardo Lara (1975, Mexico City) studied painting and printmaking at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the National University of Mexico (UNAM). He has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Cuba, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc. He has won several art contest awards. Since 2003 he lives and works in Prague.

Until April 30th in Galerie Fotografic, Prague. More info in Galerie Fotografic here


Presentation in Prague of the project "Gravitations" by the Argentine artist Liliana Béatrix Spadavecchia. Collages and drawings in Chinese ink inspired by the landscapes of Holan and Reynek and in the meetings of the artist with the writer Václav Jamek.

Until May 21st in Instituto Cervantes de Praga. More info here

México de mis sabores

En el marco del Mes de la cultura Mexicana se presenta esta colorida exposición fotográfica que muestra la riqueza gastronómica mexicana, declarada en 2010 Patrimonio Inmaterial de la Humanidad por la UNESCO.

From May 25th until September 9th in Instituto Cervantes de Praga. More information here

De Peregrina a Peregrina

La muestra retrata el camino que miles de peregrinos emprenden año tras año para llegar a la Basílica de la Virgen de Guadalupe, uno de los santuarios marianos más visitados del mundo.

Until February 7th in Instituto Cervantes de Praga. More info here

Raul Quispe Rodriguez: Tapiserie

Exhibition of Peruvian tapestry weaver's art. Raul Quispe Rodriguez comes from a community located about 70 km from the city of Ayacucho in Peru, which is a world center of "artistic weaving." The technique is based on the classical school, which has not changed, but modern elements are added together with the personal creativity of each artist. All Raúl's tapestries are made by hand on a loom, combine natural and modern materials. The exhibition is selling.

From January 17th till February 10th in Galerie mesta Blanska. More info here

Federico Diaz in Landscape

Federico Díaz, a visual activist of Czech-Argentinean descent, lives and works in Prague. Since the 1990s he has used new media to reveal immaterial aspects of everyday reality of our natural environment which are elusive through primary human senses. Díaz’s work is typified by the language of algorithmically-generated art and systems art, increasingly more intense channels of direct communication with the viewer and the ability to follow his basic creative premise, which says that art is created without the touch of the human hand. He uses media and technologies as a socio-political catalyst of social changes.

Until February 12th in Hauch Gallery, Prague. More information in Hauch Gallery here

Mizejici Obraz Havany

Michaela Kročáková. Fotografii se věnuje od svých 23 let, kdy se jejím prvním námětem stala jihočeská krajina, které se ve vlastní tvorbě věnuje dodnes. Zabývá se také reportážní fotografií. Poslední fotografické příběhy vznikaly např. v Rumunsku, Albánii, Kosovu, Makedonii.

Until January 6th in Cargo Gallery in Prague. More info here

Rafael Galdámez 

"On the brink of the abyss" is a collection of artworks, which for decades will no doubt represent a special moment not only for chiapaské art, but also for the environment of the state of Chiapas in Mexico and around the world. 

From September 22nd until October 10th in Latin Art Gallery, Prague. More info here

Gestualidad Pop

The work of artist Esteban Villalta Marzi is classified by periods and especially by subject, most of them never abandoned and resumed intermittently. One of the most representative theme "Gestures Pop" is the protagonist of this personal exhibition. The artist represents, almost always in close up, everyday gestures whose protagonists hands.

Until September 9th in Instituto Cervantes, Prague. More info here

Diversitas Venezuelan Art

We are glad to invite you to our next exhibition DIVERSITAS Venezuelan Art, We will present the art works of the artists: Beatriz and Beatrice, El Gaba, Alfredo Contreras and Ezequiel Mendez.

Until August 18th in Latin Art Gallery / Cafe, Prague. More info here

Nueve en Praga

En el marco de nuestra 1ra convocatoria de Arte Latinoamericano tenemos el placer de anunciar la exposición "Nueve en Praga" de Arte Argentino, dedicando un mes de nuestra programación para mostrar al público checo lo mejor del arte latinoamericano contemporáneo, dónde 9 artistas argentinos serán representados en nuestros espacios.

From June 9th to July 5th in Latin Art Gallery / Art Cafe, Prague. More info here

Fernández de Córdoba & Roda: Casas

The exhibition is an example of our work over the past 36 years, on detached houses in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. I chose this topic because in my experience, this type of buildings the least affected by economic speculation.

Until June 5th in Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě. More info here

Paco Rocha - Raíz

The Embassy of Mexico in the Czech Republic is pleased to invite you to the exhibition of Mexican painter Paco Rocha at the headquarters of the embassy ( V Jirchárích 151/10, Prague 1).

Until April 11th in Embassy of Mexico in the Czech Republic, Prague. More info here

Cuba en Vivo

In cooperation with the DOX Centre, Czech photographer Iveta Kopicová presents a project focusing on contemporary Cuban art. The five artists that will be featured in the CUBA EN VIVO (Cuba Live) exhibition presents Cubans/artists that do not want to escape. They perceive their traumas, poverty, or political disappointment as a challenge for their art. In Cuba, patriotism can be much stronger than what we Czechs are familiar with... Yo soy Cubano (I’m Cuban) ... is a proud statement.

Until April 4th. in DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague. More info here

Photographies from South America

The Museum of Southeast Moravia in Zlin PREPARES from the estate of Eduard Ingriš - Czech composer, photographer, cameraman, sailors and adventurers of 200 photographs.

An exhibition of thematic exhibition set South America. In the pictures from South America are captured sights, people and natural beauty Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia in the years 1947-1970.

Until March 31st in Budova 15, Kavárna, Baťův Institut, Zlín. More info here

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