Festivals In Central Europe

> August


The Biggest Festival in The World: Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba.

From August 16th till 18th in Warsaw, Poland. More information in Facebook here

Bailando! Salsa Festival

Workshops ️‍on salsa cubana, timba, rumba cubana, reggaeton, cha-cha-cha, son cubano, rueda master classes, men and ladies styling. Parties with presentation of artists, animations and dance shows. Artists: Yeni Molinet, Oli Rizo, Rafael del Busto, Emeterio Pérez and more.

From August 23rd till 26th in Bratislava, Slovakia. More information with La Bomba in Facebook here

Vienna Cuban Salsa Weekend

FredyClan is coming to Vienna and we will be doing many great workshops during these 2 days of the Vienna Cuban Salsa Weekend. You will be learning intensively, you will have a chance to see the moves clearly, ask questions and spend this amazing weekend time with our artists.

From August 24th till 25th in Vienna, Austria. More information with Billie Anna in Facebook here

> September

Calle de Timberos

Three crazy parties, live concert of Barbarito Finés y su Mayimbe and amazing workshops!

From September 13th till 15th in Wroclaw, Poland. More information with Calle de Timberos in Facebook here

KuduroMania Festiwal

As usual, we'll indulge you with 2 days of amazing workshops with such KuduroMania Artists as Manuela, Bolicao, Dino Luk and Edgar Konsept! don't forget about our incredible DJ's - Dotizinha and Ecozinho, and their HardAss parties!

From September 27th till 29th in Warsaw, Poland. More information with KuduroMania festival in facebook here


Qué Calor Salsa Festival

What is our recipe for a “perfect festival”? A lot of Timba, a pinch of Rumba and Afro, spiced up with reggaeton, artists who not only are perfect dancers, but who also have an ability to share their knowledge, parties during which shared fun will be present until the break of dawn, and people, above all, dance passionates and lovers of anything Cuban.

From July 4th till 7th in Krakow, Poland. More info in Que Calor Festival here

Slovakia Dance Masters

Slovakia Dance Masters | Salsa - Bachata - Kizomba. Summer season opening in Kosice! 2 days - Saturday, Sunday. 8 trainers + 2 dance floors. 20 workshops. Saturday Night Dance Party.

From July 6th till 7th in Košice, Slovakia. More information with Slovakia DANCE Masters in Facebook here

Hungarian Summer Salsa Festival

5 days crazy festival on the Balaton Lake. 5 with full of workshops on different levels. International star artists. 5 all night long party with a cuban guest DJ. New friends from hundreds of dancers of many countries. Live concert. Aquapark. Air conditioned dance rooms and the beautiful Lake Balaton.

From July 11th till 15th in Balaton, Hungary. More information in Hungarian Summer Salsa Festival here

Kizz Me More Festival

We are bringing you total Kizomba immersion for 4 nights and 3 days of dancing and 3 days of pool parties. You'll have the opportunity to choose from a list of 86 workshops! We are offering classes in both urban and traditional styles that are taught by the most sought after kizomba dance instructors. We have many other surprises in store for you with after parties, dance productions, and live entertainment.

From July 11th till 14th in Warsaw, Poland. More information in Kizz Me More Festival website here

Toma Toma Kizomba Festival

The family where you feel like you are at home. You can dance what you like the most! Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Atmosphere! We don't want you to go home with memories... We want you to go home with awesome feelings!

From July 11th till 14th in Bratislava, Slovakia. More information with Toma Toma in Facebook here

Elk Latin Festival

Improve your dancing skills in Cuban Salsa, Son, Bachata, Reggaeton and learn from the best instructors in Poland and enjoy the climate of Caribbean countries. The Elk Promenade will turn into a party promenade on the shore of the lake. Dancing on the beach, animations for children and adults, walks, gastronomy or evening concert right next to the lake.

From July 12th till 14th in Elk, Poland. More information on Elk Latin Festival website here

We Love Summer

Three events and two days of dance workshops await you. DJs and instructors invited from all over Poland and participants from beyond.

From July 18th till 21st in Krynica Morska, Poland. More information with We Love Summer in Facebook here

Deakocan Dance Festival

Stunning polish riviera filled with dance, music, sea, sun, fun & AGUAAAA! Salsa Cubana, Salsa NY, Salsa LA, Bachata Sensual, Bachata Dominicana, Merengue, Reggeaton, Son, Chachacha, Afrofusion, Rueda de Casino. World famous artists and djs with crazy energy. Live concerts and shows by the beach. Ongoing parties by the beach.

From July 26th till 29th in Sopot, Poland. More information with Deakocan Dance Festival in Facebook here

Salsa chaty na Počúvadlianskom jazere

Vás pozývame na pokračovanie chaty Lodiar, ktorá sa nachádza iba niekoľko metrov od najznámejšieho a najnavštevovanejšieho jazera - Počúvadlo v Štiavnických vrchoch.

From June 13th till 16th in Chatky pri Počúvadlianskom jazere in, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia. More information with Ivana Kubišová in Facebook here

Bachateando Nuremberg

International Bachata and Kizomba Festival.

From June 14th till 16th in Nuremberg, Germany. More information in Bachateando Nuremberg Festival here


BraSilesia Zouk Festival is an event which focuses on sharing the passion for dance. We are located in Silesia region in Poland and want to bring the joy and flavours of brazilian dabces to create a very family like atmosphere during the whole weekend! 

From June 21st till 23rd in Katowice, Poland. More information with Brasilesia in Facebook here

Salsa Caleña Bootcamp El Pachanguero

Devoted entirely to SALSA CALEÑA. Come to Poland, beautiful MURZASICHLE in Polish Tatra Mountains!!!!! There will be three days of caleño integration, dancing & partying. Workshop on two levels.

From May 1st till 4th in Murzasichle, Poland. More information with El Pachanguero in Facebook here

Horúce Tatry 18

Lots of dances, good music, great fun and perfect recreation under one roof... connecting the hot salsa and spectacular Tatras after 18-times! Salsa, son, Bachata, Kizomba, Kuduro, Reggaeton and more.

From May 2nd till 5th in Demänovská Dolina, Slovakia. More information in Horúce Tatry website here

Bailame Cracow Bachata Festival

We integrate dance environments from all over Poland. We focus primarily on the best Polish artists and dancers, who, with their enormous talent, knowledge and experience, inspire us to dance every day.

From May 3rd to 5th in Cracow, Poland. More information in Bailame website here

Rumba y Manana

Rumba y Manana was born out of pure passion for cuban rumba and afro along with all they bring: roots, tradition, wealth of rythyms and movements, unlimited possibilities of interpretation, all the wide range of emotions and utility in the modern cuban music and dance as well as all the amazing joy they bring.

From May 9th till 12th in Krakow, Poland. More info in Rumba y Manana website here

GRAZy Salsa Festival

The GRAZy Salsa Festival in Graz has been a fixed component of the regional salsa scene. Workshops, shows and parties! Confirmed instructors: Busra & Jonatha (Turkey & Italy), Samuel & Sophia (Spain), Osbanis & Anneta (Cuba & Poland). Live Music: stay tuned!

From May 17th till 19th in Graz, Austria. More info in GRAZy Salsa website here

Kiev International Kizomba Festival

The Kiev International Kizomba Festival will be the first of its kind in Kiev where some amazing international and local teachers and Djs come together to give you a fun filled weekend of music and dance. A weekend of Urban Kiz, Ghetto Zouk, Kizomba, Semba, Afro house and more.

From May 30th till June 2nd in Kiev, Ukraine. More information in Kiev International Kizomba Festival website here

Manana Ljubljana Festival

In Cuban Spanish, MANANA means cordiality, honesty, everything coming straight from the heart! Manana Ljubljana workshops focus on bringing manana into your dancing, enriching your Casino with: Individual style, by incorporating man- and lady-styling "spices" from other (Afro)Cuban dances. Building your musicality skills. Boosting your attitude to increase the fun in your relationship with your dance partner.

From April 5th till 7th in Lujbljana, Slovenia. More info in Manana Ljubljana here

Pikante! Festival

Mixture of the hottest ingredients in the recent Afro-Latin scene. Concerts, parties, workshops, enjoyment and tribute to intercultural understanding! Festival of Kizomba.

From April 12th till 14th in Bratislava, Slovakia. More info in Pikante! here

Reggaeton vs Dancehall Kongres

RvD Congress is the biggest Event in Europe that integrates Reggaeton, Dancehall, Twerk and Zumba Fitness enthusiasts. 80 hours of workshops. 5 thematic panels (reggaeton / dancehall / twerk / basic / fit). 2 great parties. Dance battle with special prizes. This year, Panel Fit will be honored by presence of Zumba Fitness Creator - Beto Perez! You can not miss it!

From April 26th till 28th in Katowice, Poland. More info with Reggaeton vs Dancehall in Facebook here

Salsa Soul Weekend Dresden

We realize our Idea to create for you an evening full of style, elegance, wonderful music, fantastic dances, festive ambience and incomparable moments, which will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

From April 26th till 28th in Dresden, Germany. More information with Salsagala Dresden in Facebook here

Just Bachata Sensual Weekend

On the occasion of the 14th anniversary of Fuego Latino! There is a special for all Bachata fans! From 11H there will be Bachata Sensual non-stop: 6 workshops with us and selected bachata teachers from all over Germany! The day is crowned by the great Fuego Latino! Birthday party with great shows from our artists! Admission is free!

From April 27th till 28th in Leipzig, Germany. More information with Fuego Latino! Salsa Tanzstudio Leipzig in Facebook here

Tirate un Paso | Cracow Reggaeton Festival

The first and only reggaeton festival in Europe. It was born out of reggaeton passion for people who want to improve! Awesome dance classes, music and parties - loads of fun in the rythyms of one of the most popular genres of nowadays music. Reggaeton, Cubaton, Salsaton, Despelote, Perreo, Timbaton, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Kuduro, House, Azonto and more!

From March 1st till 3rd in Cracow, Poland. More info in Tirate un Paso here

Baileo Festivalito in Leipzig

Baileo celebrates its birthday. Welcome to a salsa weekend for beginners to advanced dancers in the heart of Leipzig. 24 top-class workshops, two super parties with top DJs, shows and surprises, guests from near and far. Be there!

From March 8th till 10th in Leipzig, Germany. More information with Baileo in Facebook here

Mambo Bratislava Weekend

Did you fall in love with the Puerto Rican style salsa, Salsa Linea or Mambo ON 1 or ON2? If so, then you should definitely mark in your calendar the second weekend of March 2018 for a special event.

From March 8th till 10th in Bratislava, Slovakia. More information in Mambo Bratislava Weekend here

Festival Flamenco Inspirations

Among others the flamenco concert jazz fusion ensemble "Remedios" will take place. The band draws on musical inspirations from flamenco, jazz, classics and world music.

From March 8th till 10th in Wroclaw, Poland. More information with Festival Flamenco Inspirations in Facebook here

Arrasando | Cuban Afro-Salsa Festival

Visit a variety of professional workshops on Salsa Cubana, Afro Cubano, Son, Cha-cha-cha, Mambo, Reggaeton and other original Cuban dances, furnished with a large amount of vitality and abundant live percussion. Gala concert with Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor.

From March 15th till 17th in Bremen, Germany. More information in Arrasando Festival here

Warsaw Bachata Meet Up!

It's a real pleasure to invite you to the 6th edition of Warsaw Bachata Meet Up! This time we invited well-known couple directly from Spain - Dario & Sara! 8-10 hours of workshops - 3 night parties - shows - social competition.

From March 15th till 17th in Warsaw, Poland. More information in Warsaw Bachata Meet Up! here

Festival de Cuba

Over 50 world-class workshops. The best Cuban artists worldwide. 100% Cuban Parties & Music. 100% Cuban workshops. 100% Cuban shows. LIVE Percussion for the Afro workshops.

From March 21st till 24th in Berlin, Germany. More information in Festival de Cuba website here

Workshops with Sambor & Mery

Once again in Lodz will be one of the most expressive and recognizable couples: Sambor and Mery. They have vast experience, their classes are unique, for this comes a fantastic climate, tons of exercises, technique, fun and mass of new skills in each level.

From March 30th till 31st in Lodz, Poland. More information with Sentir Bachata in Facebook here

Cubano Project Ples

Let yourself be greeted with the hot rhythms of salsa, bachata, kizomba and other latino music, and take with us exotic cruise to Central and South America. After a round cruise across white sand, azure sea, passionate dance, Caribbean art and fragrant coffee.

From February 2nd till 3rd in Bojnice, Slovakia. More info with Cubano Project in Facebook here

Kizz Kiss

Night parties. Social dancing. Workshops.

From February 15th till 17th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More information in Kizz Kiss website here

Cubaneo El Festival

We will present you again an unforgettable program with world-class artists and first-class DJ's. During the day, a challenging and varied workshop program awaits you again and in the evening our DJ's with musica cubana and our artists with unique show performances.

From February 22nd till 24th in Nuremberg, Germany. More information in Cubaneo El Festival website here

Magic Slovenian Salsa Festival

We invite you to discover the charming city of Ljubljana that is famous by its hospitality and warm personality – and come to the third edition of Magic Slovenian Salsa Festival. We promise you that Ljubljana in January, amazing artists and Ljubljana’s most prestigious hotel with astonishing dance hall, will make your festival experience – Magical.

From January 17th till 20th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More info in Magic Slovenian Salsa Festival here

Sensual Festival Munich

Enter The World Of Sensual. We are looking forward to diving with you into the world of Kizomba and Bachata! Three days Sensual with three dance floors (Kizomba I + II, Bachata), four rooms for workshops and first class artists & DJs from all over the world! FULL DAY WORKSHOPS already on FRIDAY! Everything in a location in the heart of Munich! Big Floor 1: 100% Kizomba Urban & Sensual, Big Floor 2: 100% Bachata, Floor 3: Kizomba Tradicional & Semba.

From January 4th till 7th in Munich, Germany. More info in Sensual Festival Munich here

Berlin Kizzes

Festival of Kizomba, Semba & Afro Riddims (always 2nd weekend of January) Join us for 4 party nights and 40 workshops with international artists in Berlin!

From January 10th till 14th in Berlin, Germany. More info in Berlin Kizzes here

Salsa Congress Austria Winter

The biggest Latin event and salsa festival in Austria! Hot rhythms of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggeaton. The latest trends in Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa, and more. Top-class workshops by experienced instructors with international training and festive experience. Stunning stage shows with international artists. Two top parties and lots of fun with guests from all over Europe.

From January 19th to 20th in Innsbruck, Austria. More info in Salsa Congress here

Psiu! Forró Festival

For the 6th time Berlin will be the place to celebrate a whole weekend of forró-culture. The intimate atmosphere with limited workshop participants to ensure effective learning on one hand, and the big glorious parties on the other hand, turn the festival into a very special event!

From January 24th till 27th in Berlin, Germany. More info in Psiu! Forro Festival here

Festival Salsa Cubana Munich

Also in January 2018, Munich will again be able to experience a dance and music weekend of the extra class. Inspired by "Baila en Cuba", the annual music and dance show in Havana / Cuba, we have created this small festival and will therefore import a little from the wonderful atmosphere of the great Cuban counterpart!

From January 25th till 27th in Munich, Germany. More info in Festival Salsa Cubana here

Bachata Lovers Festival

Be ready for • 3 days of intensive workshops (over 30 hrs!) with international stars • Excellent time in an international company • 3 unforgettable parties until dawn with the best DJs from Poland and abroad • Dance animations • Positive emotions

From January 11th till 13th in Katowice, Poland. More information in Facebook here

Arrebatate Cuban Festival

The one and only international pure Cuban New Year’s festival in the world. We adore the Cuban culture, are crazy for the music and love to dance, all day and all night! Our motive for organizing this festival was to bring together all of our Cuban salsa family in Europe to say goodbye to the old year together and welcome the New, the way only we know how!

From December 28th till January 1st, 2018/19 in Budapest, Hungary. More info in Arrebatate Cuban Festival website here

All Stars Festival

LA Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba/Urban Kiz, Brazilian Zouk, Workshops, Shows, Parties and international competitions. 

From November 1st till 4th in Budapest, Hungary. More information in All Stars Festival here

El Sol Salsa Festival

This year we are extremely proud to host Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor, one of the most energetic and popular salsa bands in Cuba at this time. We are also fulfilling our dream of having, all the way from Miami/Cuba. Rey Ruiz as a special guest. He is one of the most popular voices in the salsa scene ever.

From November 8th till 11th in Warsaw, Poland. More information in El Sol Salsa Festival here


Kizomba, Salsa, Semba and Bachata weekend in Dresden. 3 days of parties, workshops, dance shows. International top instructors and djs.

From November 23rd till 25th in Dresden, Germany. More info in Kandando website here

Bratislava Winter Festival

Slovak dance hearts will never stop beating for their biggest passion! Our organization team is ready to show you Bratislava deserves to be named A great host! With the support of amazing local and international artists and DJs we will unify Kizomba & Urban kiz & Bachata community and bring this unique festival to all dance addicted!

From November 29th till December 2nd in Bratislava, Slovakia. More information in Bratislava Winter Festival here

Kizzin'Graz Festival

Finally the time has come. The Kizomba community Graz has its own festival. Our first Kizzin' Graz weekend was a huge success, and we are proud that so many Kizomberas and Kizomberos came to our beautiful city! A big Thank you to all participants!

From October 12th till 14th in Graz, Austria. More information in KizzinGraz here

UniDanza - The Afro Cuban Dance Festival Hamburg

Salsa, Rumba, Afro, Rueda and Styling workshops for all levels. At least 100 hours of dance and music classes for beginners and experienced dancers. Don't miss the biggest afro-cuban dance event in Germany! Don't miss the 7th Afro Cuban Dance Festival in Hamburg! We are Cuba! What about you? 

From October 12th till 14th in Hamburg, Germany. More information in UniDanza here


High-quality dance workshops with some of the best dance instructors in Central Europe. Dance, original African, Cuban and Dominican music, entertainment and perfect relaxation. Enjoy passionate salsa, playful bachata, sensual kizomba and crazy semba.
From October 20th till 21st in Nitra, Slovakia. More information with Cuban Fun in Facebook here

Cuban Weekend

This weekend is not only dance and singing, it also shows films, Cuban cuisine, tales of travelers, and perhaps something more. The music workshop will be lead by the guru of percussion instruments Maciej "Mustafa " Giżejewski! For beginners we also foresee the study of salsa from the basics at the headquarters of the dance studio Casa de la Danza.

From October 26th till 28th in Lublin, Poland. More information with Casa de la Danza in Facebook here

Austrian Cuban Salsa Festival

"Yes, we dance!" Cuban Salsa is not just a dance but a life setting. Regardless of whether he is dancing as a couple or in the Rueda, he is a pulsating, gripping rhythm, he conveys a sense of life, passion and is authentic.

From October 26th till October 28th in Graz, Austria. More information with Alix Jeanquartier in Facebook here

Anniversary El Pachanguero

Alfredo (Ecuador) & Andrea world format stars will teach Bachata and Colombian salsa. Jonathan Fleitas (Colombia) the dancing dynamite of Cali will teach solo Footwork-Style classes fresh from the salsa caleña world.

From October 27th till 28th in Rybnik, Poland. More information in El Pachanguero website here

Big Latino Festival

Latin American Music and Dance Festival. 2 days and 2 nights of dancing. 9 hours workshops. 2 open-air parties. Live concert. Dance shows. Animations. Hot sun, cold drinks and most of all a looooot of fun!

From July 13th till 14th in Letisko Malé Bielice, Slovakia. More information with Big Latino Festival in Facebook here

Latino Festiwal Kielce

Latino Festival is addressed to all enthusiasts of the Caribbean dances. Organized since 2011 in Kielce, it has its permanent workshop teachers, and with each year this number is growing. The Latino Festival takes place in an amazing, friendly atmosphere that grows every year with an ever-increasing audience.

From June 22nd till 24th in Kielce, Poland. More info in Latino Festiwal here

Bachata & Kizomba festival by Bachaturo

Bachata – Kizomba. 3 days of workshops. 3 dancefloors. 2 dancefloors for kizomba and 1 for bachata.

From May 4th till 6th in Warsaw, Poland. More info in Bachaturo here

Be Fit and Sensual on Tour in Łódź

Korke y Judith Bachata Sensual and Sebastian Carlos Kruse, for sure they need no introduction. This event is one of a few occasions to meet them in Poland this year :)
Take a chance and book your weekend to join us!

From April 20th till 22nd in Łódź, Poland. More information with Sentir Bachata in Facebook here

Graz & Maribor Salsa Congress

Artists: Jose Agustin Garcia Trujillo , Israel Gutierrez, Olidaisy Rizo and many more. DJs: DJ Andrej de Cuba and more. Workshops: Many. Parties: Absolute. Competition In 5 different categories.

From March 31st till April 2nd in Graz, Austria and Maribor, Slovenia. More information in Graz & Maribor Salsa Congress here

El Sol Bachata Days

El Sol Bachata Days is a project organized by El Sol Salsa Days Team. Poland Loves Bachata: you can expect an extremely hot weekend in the Warsaw City. Specially selected instructors will teach the elements of Dominican bachata, so you add more indigenous flavor to your style, and you will know the new steps to interpret Bachata Sensual. 

From February 9th till 11th in Warsaw, Poland. More info in Bachata Libre here

Karnawal Flamenco Wroclaw

Under the 10. Flamenco Carnival we plan a great dance workshop with Sevilla Maestro David Perez, who will be hosted in wrocław by the third time, each time gathering another group of flamenco fans :) details and offer coming soon.

From January 19th till 28th in Wroclaw, Poland. More info in Karnawal Flamenco Wroclaw in Facebook here

Festival Live Music Angolan Cuban

We wanted to offer a festival that has 100% focus on live music, dance & food!! The roots that connect ANGOLAN and CUBAN music are long, strong and culturally connected.

From January 19th till 21st in Bratislava, Slovakia. More info in FLAC Festival here

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